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Healthy livingWe believe disease is born from either chemical, emotional or physical stress. Our bodies are like ecosystems trying to maintain a constant balanced environment in which to thrive in. If the body is deficient in raw materials or overloaded with toxic chemicals then this stresses the body and may result in disease. Our bodies are brilliant at adapting and so can handle a degree of stressors. However, if the threshold is repeatedly pushed, the body struggles and ill health may set in. Think of how one big binge drinking session can make you feel horrendous the next day, however the body can handle and process the stress of one small regular glass of red wine with dinner. Our bodies are programmed for health and all it requires are good raw materials, regular movement, love and laughter.

Move Well

A lot of modern day jobs and activities such as computer work require a large amount of sitting. Movement is vital for a healthy body and we were born to move. Here are some tips to limit the harmful effects of too much sitting:

  • Aim to balance sitting time with movement time so if you spend 2 hours sitting in front of a computer counter this with half an hour walking.
  • Integrate movement in to your day at every possibility. There is often a choice to take the elevator or stairs.
  • The cloudy, foggy tired feeling you experience after sitting for prolonged periods in front of a TV or computer is a natural reaction which we all experience. It is our body’s way of warning us that movement, oxygen and water is required. Commonly it is tempting here to relieve the fog with a quick fix of coffee and sugar. Another option is to take a 5 minute walk, a drink of water and a breath of fresh air.

We need to see movement as essential for our body to thrive and feel good. Exercise doesn’t have to be hard work or gruelling and in fact this can sometimes do more damage than good and put you off future exercise. Little, often and gradually is a much safer approach to take. Finding a form of movement that makes you feel good is essential because then it isn’t something you have to do but something you love to do. It doesn’t have to be a big effort nor require much time or money. If you love to walk and spend time with your friends then instead of just going for your usual coffee and cake natter, factor in a walk beforehand. If you park in town for work, why not park on the outskirts and walk in avoiding sitting in traffic. There are ways to integrate movement into your daily routines.

Practising yoga is an excellent way to bring more movement in to your life. It may also improve your bodily awareness, release tension, improve your breathing pattern and decrease your stress levels. Louise Thorndycraft is a local teacher with over 7 years experience teaching groups and individuals. She comes highly recommended and welcomes complete beginners. Visit her website for more information: website

Eat Well

“Eat to Live, not Live to Eat”

There are a lot of confusing messages in the media about diet. Social pressure, past experiences, weight control, personal preferences and confidence all influence what we eat and how much we eat. Diet like you is individual so cultivating an awareness of how food affects your body is helpful. What is healthy for us may be unhealthy for someone else. Keeping it as simple as possible is also helpful. Just Eat Real Food (JERF) is one simple anagram. This immediately cuts out any processed foods and includes all vegetables, fruit, salad, meat, seafood and eggs.

A lot of diets are restrictive, encouraging you to eliminate the “bad foods”. However this usually makes the bad foods more attractive as they are denied. One method is instead to add in healthier foods. This way you do not have to give up or quit anything and instead you are adding something healthy into your diet. The long term aim is to gradually add in more and more healthier food until the body and mind is used to it and no longer craves as much junk food.

We love Deliciously Ella’s philosophy on food and recipes. Check out her website for inspiration.

Think Well

Our lives have become very busy and noisy. Being constantly stimulated and on the go can cause us to burn out fast.

Practicing silence and stillness on a daily basis can help minimise the minds constant chatter and reduce worrying about things that are out of our control. We believe that practices such as yoga and meditation are excellent methods to help you feel calm, at peace, connected, self-aware and accepting. In the future we hope that the skill of quieting the mind and focusing on the present moment will be taught from a young age and that this practice will be seen as essential as brushing your teeth!

Pharmacologist David Hamilton realised the potential of the human mind through his work into the placebo effect. What his research revealed to him was so startling he left his well-paid job in pharmacology to lecture and promote the healing potential that lies inside our own minds. More info here.

Anna a local life coach runs private one to one coaching sessions and runs an excellent monthly group meditation class. Visit her website for more information.



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