Aromatherapy Oil blends

Available to buy at the Gower Chiropractic Centre Naturally Nourishing We are excited to announce we are now stocking roll-on aromatherapy oil blends, ready to help you de-stress in a restorative, reviving, and caring way. These essential oil blends are handcrafted in Wales by Kendra Tanner They are also made in partnership with The [...]

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Vitamin D and your health

Fight your vitamin D-mons Last year Public Health England issued a report advising everyone should be taking a vitamin D supplement during the autumn and winter months. The CMO Wales in 2016 recommend if you are aged over 5 years old from October to March you should take 400 units daily of Vitamin [...]

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Chiropractic for stress relief

Feeling stressed? How about a chiropractic adjustment for stress relief? A scientific study from Japan investigated the effects of a chiropractic adjustment on your body’s nervous system. The scientists took images (PET scans) of the brain and saliva samples from 12 men with neck pain before and after a chiropractic adjustment. Cortisol is the main stress hormone [...]

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Do I have a slipped disc?

There are many misconceptions about discs. The most common question we are asked at the clinic is ‘do I have a slipped disc?' The fact is discs don’t slip, they bulge! The intervertebral discs are the spines shock absorbers and respond to load and movement. Discs are composed of the inner nucleus pulposus (the inner [...]

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Understanding Pain

Here is a great 5 minute video that explains the complex nature of pain. Understanding pain is vital to help you on your path to recovery. Chiropractors work to understand your pain and reduce the fear surrounding it. Chiropractic can help desensitise your nervous system, improving the function of your nervous system and restoring [...]

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Posture advice for working at your computer

Here is a great video to watch to improve your posture whilst working on your computer. There are many simple changes you can make to your workstation but the best thing you can do is limit the amount of time you spend on it in any one sitting. Having a movement break will keep your [...]

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Chiropractic and Yoga

I am a big fan of both chiropractic and yoga. I regularly practice yoga and have chiropractic adjustments. The combination works great. Chiropractic realigns your body and releases tension giving you a great foundation to work with in your yoga practice.    Yoga empowers you with the tools you need to relieve physical aches and [...]

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5 Reasons to Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and is still used all over the world as an effective treatment for many health problems and diseases. Acupuncture involves the insertion of very small needles into specific points in the body to activate the body's innate healing response. ​Many people are cautious about trying acupuncture because [...]

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How does a chiropractic adjustment work?

  A chiropractic adjustment improves the communication pathways between your brain and your body. By adjusting the spine, it can 'reset' or break the cycle of negative messages coming from your body. When your nerves are talking clearly to your central nervous system then your brain is more aware of where your body is. According [...]

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The Bumpy Road to Recovery

  The road to recovery is relevant to patients undergoing chiropractic care. Many times we see patients give up after a couple of visits either because the pain is "still there" or they feel "much better". In both cases these symptoms are part of the journey to optimum health. It is wiser to subscribe to [...]

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