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Do I have a slipped disc?

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There are many misconceptions about discs. The most common question we are asked at the clinic is ‘do I have a slipped disc?’

The fact is discs don’t slip, they bulge!

The intervertebral discs are the spines shock absorbers and respond to load and movement.

Discs are composed of the inner nucleus pulposus (the inner gelatinous substance which is 80% water), and the outer, tough annulus fibrosus.

spineAn injury to the disc commonly occurs from progressive loading from uncoordinated movement patterns e.g bending/ lifting /twisting incorrectly over time and not from sudden trauma. Overloading, overtime can cause a tear in the outer annulus which allows the inner nucleus to bulge out. It is this bulge or herniation of inner material that can compress the spinal nerves causing radiating leg or arm pain. Disc injuries are very common but the severity varies.

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